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This is game where you play as a lite boy and a bird with no legs.The game is still is early asses and a lot is not done.Right now there are 14 levels and and 26 to be made so there is going to be 30 levels.Here is some of the story:

"One day you and your parents are home.But some thing is not right!A mysterious creature comes and grabs your parents!You are in panic and with no power to save your parents the monster laugh at you.After that you start to get sad but as you where going to cry a bird with no legs comes at you at says -Don't cry lite boy!I have seen that monster before his name is Mectel!He feeds on sades!- you ask -Can we do any thing to stop him?- the bird comes to you and says-We can but we have to work together!You have legs and l have wings and if we merge we can be the best team!!!What to you say?- you accept and you can the bird merge and start to fly and fly."

This is all in a cut scene in the game.

List of content is the game:


-30 levels(14 so far);

-A boss fight every 5th level;

-Power up on every 5th level;

-6 power ups (2 so far);

And a lot and a lot of missing things

You can download the game in a few days l still have some more stuff to add.

That is all and make sure to have fun and fly!

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